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Our Expanded Immigration Services will assist members of our community facing barriers due to lack of documentation by...


-Providing services to anyone, regardless of immigration status


-Assisting with rent, utilities, food and other essential needs for people who are not eligible for government assistance. There is no monetary limit to the services; for some it might be a gift card for baby necessities, for others it could be an $800 monthly rent payment or $3,000 for an immigration attorney


-Assisting guests with the logistical elements of settling into a new environment, such as helping them get their kids signed up for school, purchasing necessary supplies and every-day essentials, locating local resources like community centers, childcare, ESL classes, trade schools, and more.


-Connecting our guests with partner organizations that respect and value their background and can offer additional support in navigating barriers caused by a lack of documentation.


-Assisting with medical and school advocacy to parents who do not speak English or otherwise feel disempowered to advocate on behalf of their children

-Intervening with employers who fail to pay workers


Interested in learning more? Contact Terry Connolly at

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