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Our Programs & Services



All in our community deserve access to food that is nutritious, culturally relevant, and affordable.  Our team works seven days a week, 365 days a year to ensure that all our neighbors have enough to eat.

Food programming includes:

  • Daily lunch meals 
  • Breakfast bags 
  • Free Farmers Markets 
  • Benefits assistance (SNAP, WIC, etc) 
  • Direct assistance for those with special needs (dietary restrictions, mobility, health concerns, etc.) 
  • Purple Apron 
  • Community referrals for additional food resources 
  • Daily lunch meals to partners


All in our community deserve a safe and affordable place to call home.  Our team works to prevent homelessness whenever possible and when it is not, we work to ensure that episodes of homelessness are rare, brief, and never happen again.  

Housing programming includes:  

  • Co-create housing stability plans with clients to determine best steps toward achieving long-term housing 
  • Empowering individuals and families as they navigate affordable housing options by assisting with applications, collaborating with community partners and mediating with landlords to ensure permanent and safe housing 
  • Providing continuous follow up to ensure housing is maintained long term, and identifying areas that need continued assistance
  • Targeted rent, deposit, and moving assistance 
  • Landlord support, education, and technical assistance 

Health and Mental Health

All in our community deserve access to trauma-informed health and mental health support, resources, and education.  Our team creates improved health outcomes, enhances community well-being, and broadens access to mental health supports.

Program activities include: 

  • Navigation
  • Referrals
  • One-on-one support
  • Client advocacy
  • Crisis intervention capabilities
  • Translation assistance

Financial Stability

All in our community deserve basic household stability provided by gainful employment and effective household budgeting skills.  Our team advances household financial stability geared towards gaining income and managing resources in ways that create prosperity and sustain access to basic needs such as food and housing.  

Program activities include:

  • Collaborate with local employers to assist individuals secure employment opportunities and promote upcoming opportunities
  • Assist individuals who are obtain employment with transportation to and from work, financial assistance with purchasing uniforms or work appropriate clothing, and other needs to be successful in their new position
  • Empower individuals to communicate their needs or concerns to their employer through training regarding conflict management, workplace social skills, and more
  • Work with clients on household budgeting that prioritizes housing stability and ensures access to basic needs

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