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Our Values

We at nourish.NJ are committed to authentically embodying the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion in all that we do. We are devoted to fostering and maintaining an environment that is accepting, affirming and empowering to all who engage with our programs and services. This includes staff, volunteers, donors, partners, and community members. As we live out this commitment, the following core values guide our work;


nourish.NJ strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment every single day. Our services are available for free, with no questions asked. These services are not provided for self-interest or personal gain, but to deconstruct social barriers and ensure all our neighbors have access to basic needs. 

Social Justice

nourish.NJ recognizes that systemic inequities, especially related to race, have created and perpetuated barriers in our community. Those representing nourish.NJ are committed to learning more about the diversity within our community, incorporating diverse-input from our community members, and partnering with agencies that share our values of diversity, equity and inclusion to further weaken these systemic inequities.

Dignity and Worth of the Person

nourish.NJ creates policies and procedures with the community’s dignity and worth at the center. nourish.NJ works to reduce social stigma and ensure the community is receiving the tools and services they see are necessary. Above all, nourish.NJ recognizes that the community we work with are the experts of their own experience and we will follow their guidance.


nourish.NJ strives to uphold these values in all we do. We continue our learning and understanding of these topics through consistent education, honest dialogue, and personal humility. 

Our Commitment to Housing First

In addition to the values above, we recognize that housing is a human right and plays a uniquely important role in our lives. We at nourish.NJ believe that safe, stable housing is the foundation of life and that each individual has the right to their own path to wellness. 

To that end, we embrace the housing first model by serving our neighbors without preconditions of treatment, compliance, or other readiness requirements. We work with individuals and families, offering robust client-centered planning and individualized, self-determined support services to identify, secure, and sustain permanent housing that is safe and affordable, and supports individuals on their path to wellness.

We serve all our neighbors regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender-identity, sexuality, age, education, ability, identity, or citizenship status, and we neither provide nor require any religious or sectarian instruction.

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